Frequently Asked Questions

Why join IRINN?
Joining IRINN gives organizations access to all IRINN services, including requests for allocation and registration of Internet address resources and attendance at training courses organized by IRINN..

Does filling online IRINN Application form guarantee that I will get address space?
No. All requests for IP address space must be fully supported by documentation justifying the applicant’s request. Because IP address space is a public resource, it is only allocated on the basis of demonstrated need and on the condition that it will be used in accordance with IRINN policy.

Is affiliation a suitable option for my organization?
IRINN affiliation is open to all organizations.Get your own IP addresses and AS numbers for your network. It will enable you to choose your peering and upstream providers as your IP addresses are portable and also reduce the overhead of renumbering your network. To promote better aggregation of routing information, IRINN has a minimum IPv4 delegation of a /24 (slash 256 IP numbers) and /48 for IPv6 delegation.

Who can become an IRINN Affiliate?
Organization that can complete the IRINN KYC documents and can demonstrate the needs of the IP resources.

How to become an IRINN Affiliate?
To become an IRINN Affiliate, the first step is to fill the online form (Go to IRINN Website>>>>Click>>>>Steps for getting IP Addresses>>>>> Click here to fill online form After the online form is been filled, send the copy of documents (i.e IRINN Affiliation Agreement and KYC documents) to NIXI. IRINN Affiliation Agreement is to be printed only on plain A4 Page.
NOTE: Applicant can become either the member of APNIC OR IRINN. User cannot be a member of both APNIC and IRINN at the same time.

What is fee structure for purchasing of IP resources?
A new Affiliate have to pay a one-time sign-up fee of Rs. 25,000/-, plus the Annual Resource fee which is calculated based on the size of the approved IP address space. These fees are payable before receiving your resource delegation. The discount if offered will be applicable on resource fee only.Applicant can also check from the link mentioned below: Click Here. Applicant can submit the payment online through NEFT.

Contact Details of IRINN
For any queries, you can call on landline no: 011-48202030/05 (Mon to Fri 09:30am-6 pm) or you can drop the mail to [email protected]. For any suggestion/feedback you can drop the mail to : [email protected]. For complaint, drop the mail to: [email protected]

How to create AS-set , Route Object and reverse DNS Object?
For creation of AS-set, route object and reverse DNS objects, drop the fresh mail to [email protected] mentioning A/c name in Subject Line only from registered email id.
How to change contact details of IRINN account?
For changing of the contact details , provide us the scan copy of new Corporate Contact Form duly filled with the details you want to get changed in the account only from the registered email id.
Note: For downloading of the Corporate Contact Form you can visit the home page of website-->>>> Downloads>>>>Guidelines and Forms>>>> Corporate Contact Form
In case if you do not have access of registered email id, you are required to send hard copy of Corporate Contact Form in which, "Name and sign of Director or duly authorised company officer" will come who has sign IRINN Agreement and person who will be Authorised will come on "Signature of person being Date appointed Corporate Contact" with company seal. If sign done Corporate Contact Form matches with sign done on IRINN Agreement, then your request will be processed. First share the scan copy of Corporate Contact Form. If the hard copy of documents is required and confirmed, then send the hard copy to NIXI Delhi Office.
What details is required for filling the online form?
Before you start for filling the online form, you should have the details of your ISP Provider( i.e. ASN/Contact no., email id and Contact Person Name)
How to change of address of IRINN account?
For changing Address, provide scan copy of Bank A/c statement in the name of company with complete address for the period of current 3 months with Bank seal and sign OR Utility Bill in the name of company with complete address of latest month.
What is the process for logging for first time in myIRINN after the IP resources is been allocated to the account?
The process is been mentioned below:

How to Manage Contact in MyIRINN Account ?
Step 1.     Go to
Step 2.     Click on Register
Step 3.     Choose Username and Password according to your choice.
Step 4.     Fill the First Name, registered email id and A/c name (as same as filled during in Online Form.
Step 5.     Click Submit
Step 6.     Go to
Step 7.     Enter the Username and Password and you will be able to login into the account.

How to raise request for ROA registration?
Send a mail at [email protected] from your registered email id along with the below-mentioned details.
1) ASN (ASN through which you will announce your IP block)
2) IP Prefix
3) MSA (Route's most specific announcement Ex:- Length of IP like /22,/23,/24)

Transfer from APNIC to IRINN:

  • What are the steps for Internet Resource transfer from APNIC to NIR account (IRINN-IN) ?
  • What are the steps to manage my resources after transfer?
  • Does transfer will put any technical impact on my resources?
  • How long will it take for APNIC to approve my transfer?
  • Are there any fees associated with the transfer?

What are the steps for Internet Resource transfer from APNIC to NIR account (IRINN-IN) ?
1. Your organization's Corporate Contact is required to send an email to the [email protected] with the APNIC account name [XXXXXXXXXX] in the email subject line, including:
    (a) A list of resources to be transferred, for example:
        Internet Addresses: -
        Autonomous System Number: ASNxxxxx
    (b) An expression of consent to transfer the resources listed under (a). For example:
        "I agree to transfer the IP resources to [IRINN-IN]".
    (c) A statement of whether the APNIC membership account will be closed after the transfer.

2. Contact [IRINN] and have an email confirmation sent from [IRINN] to APNIC to confirm the transfer request. Please be aware that APNIC may only proceed with the transfer request after receiving all the information from (1) and (2) above. If your organization has decided to retain the APNIC account, your organization may only request Internet resources from one source in the future [either the nominated NIR or APNIC]. For more information on the APNIC Transfer of Membership from APNIC to an NIR policy, please see:

What are the steps to manage my resources after transfer?

1. You need to open MyIRINN account with IRINN. You need to apply for affiliation with IRINN, on the following link :

2. As soon as you put the request , IRINN hostmaster will evaluate your request and after approval , you need register yourself at :

3. Now you will have your Username and password with you and you will be able to login into MyIRINN account at :

4. As the Resource transfer has done from APNIC to IRINN account now IRINN will allocate you your resources within 3 working days . This will complete your transfer request and now your resources will be visible in your account and you will be able to manage your resources from your MyIRINN account.

Does transfer of account from APNIC to IRINN or IRINN to APNIC will put any technical impact on my resources?
No, During the transfer it will not put any impact over the resources , which you are currently having and neither will affect any routing policy.

How long will it take to approve my transfer?
APNIC has 1-2 working day turnaround time to respond to resource requests. If APNIC needs to clarify any information with the account contacts, additional iterations will add to the amount of time it takes. IRINN will take 3 working days to resolve your ticket of Affiliation and if any further clarification needs then it will extend accordingly.

Are there any fees associated with the account transfer?
Account transfers from APNIC to IRINN will be free.