Welcome to IRINN

Congratulations on becoming an IRINN Affiliate! Please refer to this guide for important information that will help you get the best out of your IRINN Affiliation.

IRINN affiliation offers many benefits, including:

- IRINN Meetings

- Internet resources training

- Participation in the Internet community

- Internet resources allocations

MyIRINN is a secure website dedicated to Affiliates. MyIRINN lets you manage:

- Reverse DNS delegations

- Contact details

- IP assignment registration to your customers and within your network infrastructure

Manage your contacts

Affiliate Contacts
The account information for IRINN Affiliates is kept strictly confidential. To ensure the account information is protected from unauthorized access, IRINN will only accept requests or inquiries from the authorized contacts. Authorized contacts are registered against each IRINN account. These contacts are Corporate, Technical, and Billing. To avoid IRINN services to your organization being interrupted, it is important that IRINN Affiliates maintain correct and up-to-date contact details.

Corporate Contacts Corporate Contacts represent the Affiliate's organization in all matters related to IRINN and are also responsible for updating the authorized contacts for the Affiliate's organization.

Technical Contacts
Technical contacts have all the authorizations related to technical matters such as:

- Reverse DNS delegation

- Routing registration

- Whois registration updates

Billing Contacts
The billing contact receives the invoice for annual affiliation renewal fees and the account's billing history.

How to update contacts:

- To appoint a new Corporate Contact, please complete the Corporate Contact Form

- To remove the only Corporate Contact from an account, a new Corporate must be appointed first. The new Corporate Contact can make an update request by notifying [email protected]

- Billing and technical contacts can be added by the Corporate Contact via MyIRINN or the Corporate Contact can notify [email protected]